The main features of the wholesale and retail trade

① The object of the transaction is the final consumer who purchases the goods for direct consumption, including individual consumers and group consumers. Consumers buy goods from retailers for the purpose of not for the sale or production used, but for their own consumption.

② retail trade is not only the subject of goods, as well as labor, that is, but also to provide customers with a variety of services, such as delivery, installation, maintenance and so on. With the intensification of market competition, retail sales, sales and after-sales service has become an important means of competition or areas.

③ retail trade volume scattered sporadic, frequent transactions, each turnover is small, not a large proportion of the number of transactions, which is the definition of retail should be. Due to the small number of transactions per trade volume, the number of transactions is frequent, so retailers must strictly control the inventory.

④ retail trade by the impact of consumer buying behavior is relatively large. Retail trade is the ultimate consumer, most consumers in the purchase of goods when the performance of the planned impulse or emotional type. In the face of this random purchase behavior obvious consumers, retailers want to achieve the purpose of expanding sales, with particular attention to stimulate consumer desire to buy and demand interest, must have their own operating characteristics to attract customers, stocking to Adequate, variety to be rich, color, specifications should be complete.

⑤ retail trade mostly in the store, the size of the network size varies widely distributed. Due to the breadth of consumers, diversity, diversity, complexity, in order to meet the needs of consumers, in a region, only a few retail outlets is simply not enough. Retail outlets in terms of size or layout must meet the needs of consumers as the starting point, to meet consumer shopping, sightseeing, browsing, leisure and other needs.

⑥ retail trade must rely on turnover to win. Compared with the wholesale trade, the retail trade volume is small each time, so we must pay attention to improve the turnover rate, improve the turnover rate of trade capital, as much as possible at the same time make trade capital turnover faster and more efficient, Quick to buy.

For enterprises: (1) enterprises have their own business stores, directly sold to urban and rural residents living goods and social groups for public consumption (such as office supplies, cars, etc.) of the goods. (2) enterprises without shops, through online or telephones sales to urban and rural residents living and consumption of goods and social groups for public consumption of goods. (3) enterprises of hospitals, schools and other non-profit sales of Chinese and Western medicines, medical equipment, teaching supplies and equipment. In short, the retail sales of urban and rural residents and social groups, the sale of goods is based on consumer spending or public consumer goods. Common retail industry department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores, specialty stores, etc. to sales of consumer goods-based enterprises. Compared with the retail industry, the wholesale industry has the following characteristics:

① the wholesale trade volume is generally larger. The wholesale industry is basically capital-intensive industries, for the wholesale industry, the funds are more important than labor, capital problems are often the key to determine the success of wholesalers.

② wholesale business district is relatively large. Small and medium-sized wholesale business is generally concentrated in the local small and medium-sized cities, but the scope of business will be radiation to the surrounding areas; large wholesale business is often distributed in the national big city, its business scope can cover the entire domestic market, some can also carry out import and export business, Its business circle can also break through the border.

③ relatively few services. As the wholesale business of its clients mainly to organize buyers rather than individual consumers, so relatively speaking, the wholesale industry services to less than retail, and focus on communications, storage and transportation, information, financing and other aspects of the performance of the organization The services of the organization, the transaction is often rational.

For enterprises: (1) enterprises to sell to the national economy for various industries for production and operation, survey and design, scientific research and other commodities. (2) The sale of goods to the wholesale and retail trade, the catering industry and other service industries for sale or sale, including those exported to the foreign trade department for export or processing. (3) enterprises to directly to the country (territory) outside the export of goods and commissioned by the foreign trade department of export-oriented goods. Wholesale sales of the object is another production or operation or resale (including direct export commodities) of the enterprise, the sale of goods for production and business purposes, but also consumption of life purposes.

We are men fashion casual shoes and clothing industry operating channels and retail channel analysis to understand the characteristics of these two industries.

From the supply situation of commercial formats, the rise of commercial mall in recent years, the increase of commercial real estate supply and the scarcity of department stores have been reduced. Quality apparel brands in the process of entering these retail formats, bargaining power is expected to gradually increase.

Beijing and Shanghai and other big cities men's brand concentration, a street there are 10 to 20 clothing brands, consumers choose space is relatively large, make decisions will slow down. Located in the high-end Chinese men's fashion casual shoes and clothing, spending in the second and third tier cities with a wide range of channels, will significantly benefit from the future of these cities to upgrade consumption. Open up the second and third tier cities market, to the three or four lines of sinking, as men's fashion casual shoes and clothing brand important development direction, but also the development of Chinese men's brand the necessary choice.


From the point of view of spending power, the purchasing power of the middle class and the affluent consumers (especially middle-class consumers) of the 23-tier cities is getting stronger and stronger, and the purchase is more enthusiastic and more willing to increase consumption expenditure and upgrade the consumption.

From the perspective of the sensitivity of fashion, three or four lines of urban consumers more and more attention to personal style, the most cutting-edge fashion attention is getting higher and higher. More and more consumers can keep up with the trend, more consumers think that the style of the product is more important than the function. In some respects, the consumers of the three or four-tier cities are even more responsive than the consumers of second-tier cities. This suggests that the complexity of urban and rural consumers is as fast as the growth rate of urban consumers in China's economic centers. Men's fashion casual shoes and clothing industry closely follow the fashion industry trend of men's clothing, product design style stronger, so in the three or four lines of the city more consumers by the favor, with a broad market space.