An Overview of China 's Plastic Products Industry in 2016 and Market Size and Demand

First, the plastic products industry overview

    Plastic products was born in the early 20th century, the first human history of synthetic resin was born, and to achieve industrial production, from the artificial synthetic resin and plastic processing industry development kicked off. In the 1930s, the industrial production of PVC, PS, PA and other resins has been completed. Then the petrochemical products gradually became the main raw material source for the production of synthetic resin. The invention of the catalyst and the development of the engineering plastics were the rapid development of the plastic products processing industry The conditions. Plastic products have become an indispensable part of people's lives, with the household appliances, automobiless, engineering, construction, real estate industry and other industries, the plastic wiring equipment industry has become an important branch of the plastic processing industry, especially Nylon cable through the modified technology to upgrade the plastic wiring equipment industry has developed rapidly and the development potential of a sub-category industry.

    1, plastic products industry

    Plastic products industry refers to the use of synthetic resin as the main raw material, the use of extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, calendering, laminating process of forming a variety of products such as the production, and the use of recycled waste plastics processing and reproduction of plastic products activities. Today, plastic synthetic resin and synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber three categories of synthetic polymer materials and steel, wood, cement together constitute the modern society in the four basic materials, is to support modern high-tech development of one of the important new materials.

    Plastic products industry to overcome the market demand is not busy, labor costs rose sharply, corporate financing more difficult to further strengthen the environmental constraints and other difficulties, above-scale enterprise output value, the main business income, total profits increased year by year to achieve steady and healthy development. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that China's plastic products production in 2015 reached 75.6082 million tons, an increase of 1.00%; exports of plastic products 9.73 million tons, an increase of 2.30%; plastic products manufacturing enterprises accumulated main business income of 2,146,610,000,000 yuan, 4.60%; to achieve a total profit of 130.25 billion yuan, an increase of 8.80%, plastic products industry has been expanding the scale of industrial production increased year by year. With the "thirteen five" plan in the task indicators of the project started, for the development of plastic products industry to expand more new areas. At present, China has become the world's largest plastic products production and consumer markets.



2, plastic wiring equipment industry

    Plastic wiring equipment refers to the combination of cable and cable into a reasonable and reasonable, in line with the requirements of the cable wire system or network of plastic aids, plastic wiring equipment has become electrical equipment, household appliances, automobiles manufacturing, communications equipment and other industries An indispensable part of the indispensable part. Plastic wiring equipment in a variety of forms and structure, according to the needs of different applications, there are various forms of plastic wiring equipment, products include cable ties, terminal blocks, nail line card, trunking, Cable fixed head, etc., of which nylon cable is modified plastic as raw materials in the plastic processing industry in the rapid development of large categories and the development potential of a sub-category industry.

    3, nylon cable tie industry

    It is also used in electric equipment, household appliances, communication equipment and other internal connection line of the fixed, Construction of raw materials, scaffolding and other construction machinery and equipment oil pipeline fixed, the ship on the cable line fixed, bicycle packaging or bundled with other objects, the logistics of the packaging process bundles, can also be used for agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts and other bundled items , The use of areas continue to expand.



Nylon cable tie as a cable products in a large category, PA66 as the main raw material, made by injection molding process. Compared to other materials, PA is the five largest general engineering plastics in the largest yield, the largest variety, the most versatile, comprehensive performance of one of the basic resin, compared to the traditional rope and cable ties, nylon cable ties obvious advantages: (1) the traditional rope and tie the general use of PVC or fiber material made of easy weathering or rotten nylon cable ties with strong oxidation resistance; (2) the appearance of traditional PVC tie line with the use of time will increase (3) the traditional tie in the actual operation of the use of trouble, the operation of the scale is not the case, the use of nylon wire rods with a longer life, easy to fall off, better insulation; (4) nylon cable ties than the traditional rope or tie with better resistance to tension, impact resistance, fire resistance, cold, corrosion resistance is stronger, the corrosion resistance of the nylon cable ties, Fire rating of 94V2 level; (5) the traditional PVC material can not meet the EU to develop RoHS environmental directive requirements.

    4, industry and its upstream and downstream industry relevance

Plastic wiring equipment as a plastic processing products, widely used in electrical equipment, household appliances, automobiles manufacturing, communications equipment, medical equipment, building materials, decoration decoration, logistics, packaging, agriculture, electricity and other fields, to meet different areas, different levels, Different aspects of the demand, the industry chain structure as shown below:



Second, the plastic industry and the relevance of the upstream and downstream are:

    (1) upstream industry

    Plastic raw materials such as PA, PP, PE, PVC, PS, ABS and other synthetic resin, terminal copper pipe, special steel nails and other hardware accessories and auxiliary materials, and so on.

    PA, PE, PVC, PS, ABS and other synthetic resin is extracted from the oil, natural gas refining, the upstream industry mainly for the petrochemical industry, petrochemical industry in the basic large petrochemical processing enterprises, The main nails to brass, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, stainless steel nail-based; auxiliary materials mainly for the ingredients required for a variety of additives.

    (2) downstream industry

    The downstream industry mainly involves electrical equipment, household appliances, automobiles manufacturing, communication equipment, medical equipment, building materials, decoration and decoration, logistics packaging, agriculture, electricity, etc., the product audience is more extensive, the market capacity is larger, close to the fully competitive market state The Downstream industry demand and development of the industry affected the size of the market, the pace of development and product prices. As the plastic wiring equipment products, especially nylon cable ties with excellent performance, and has the cost advantage, the downstream industry "to plastic and wood", "plastic and steel" trend is more and more obvious, more and more widely used.

    Third, the industry market size and demand outlook analysis

    1, plastic wiring equipment market size and demand forecast

    Plastic wiring equipment as electrical equipment, household appliances, automobiles manufacturing, communications equipment and other industries an indispensable part of the industry after years of development, the formation of a complete industrial system and categories, to achieve a professional division of fine, regional Economies of scale advantages, technical content and market share of high industrial advantages, has gradually grown up with a number of independent research and development capabilities of the well-known enterprises, new product innovation and research and development capabilities and management capabilities have greatly improved products in the formula, Technology research and development, etc. have been close to or reach the international advanced level. With the steady and rapid development of the domestic economy, the market demand for plastic wiring equipment continues to increase. According to the China Plastics Processing Industry Association wiring equipment special committee statistics show that in 2011 the domestic plastic wiring equipment market size of 14 billion yuan, by 2015 the domestic plastic wiring equipment market size reached 20.8 billion, the average annual compound growth Rate is 10.40%, is expected in 2016 the size of the market will grow further to 22 billion yuan.


    2, nylon cable ties market size and demand forecast



In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's economy, the process of urbanization accelerated, China's real estate, construction industry continued to grow, the construction industry has shown great potential for development, nylon cable ties as building aids in the construction industry play an important role, More and more important role in the field of building materials will continue to be a continuous application of nylon cable ties. Since 2006, with the scale of production and operation of China's construction enterprises continue to expand, the construction industry continued to grow, the total output value of construction in 2015 reached 180,757.47 billion yuan, for many years the growth rate remained above 10%.

    (4) the rapid development of downstream industries brought about by the increase in market demand

    With the development of China's economy, downstream electrical equipment, household appliances, automobiles manufacturing, communications equipment, building materials and other industries has achieved rapid growth, nylon cable products as a downstream part of the manufacturing sector indispensable part of the downstream industry Strong demand driven by the rapid development.

    To the life of the electrical market, for example, benefited from the young consumer groups for high-end, intelligent, Internet needs, after the popularity of large appliances, life appliances show a strong trend of consumer upgrades. According to Beijing Zhongyikang Times Market Research Co., Ltd. (CMM) statistics show that in 2015 China's life electrical appliances market size of 95 billion yuan, retail sales grew 9.90%, retail sales increased by 5.80%, 2016 China's living appliances The size of the market is expected to exceed $ 100 billion.

Total Output Value and Growth Rate of National Construction Industry in



According to the China Association of Automobiles Manufacturers statistics, in 2009 China's car sales reached 1,363.5 million, for the first time to become the world's largest automobiles production and marketing country, China's auto sales in 2015 has reached 2,459.76 million, a global record high, reelected the world for seven consecutive years The According to the China Association of Automobiles Manufacturers predicted that in 2016 China's auto sales will continue to maintain 6% growth rate, reaching 26.44 million. Light weight and environmental protection is the main direction of the current development of automotive materials to reduce the weight of the car itself is recognized as the industry to reduce vehicle emissions, improve the efficiency of combustion one of the effective measures. Plastic is one of the most important lightweight materials, it can reduce the weight of the car at the same time can significantly reduce the production costs of car manufacturers. In recent years, with the continuous development of nylon cable tie technology, more and more auto parts using nylon cable ties, nylon cable ties in the use of the car also gradually replace the other cable ties and rope products, China Automotive The development of the industry will continue to promote the sustainable development of the industry.

China 's automobiles sales in 2010-2016 and its forecast



(5) the continuous improvement of urbanization level for the development of the industry to bring strong demand

     According to the "13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development", the urbanization rate of China's resident population reached 56.10% by 2015, and the urbanization rate of resident population reached 60.00% by 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate of 1.35% The

     Plastic materials are known as steel, wood, cement after the fourth generation of new building materials, plastic wiring equipment is one of the pillar industries in the plastic materials industry. With the continuous improvement of the level of urbanization in China, will push the traffic, power supply, heating and other infrastructure construction level, with nylon cable ties, nail line card as the representative of the demand for plastic building materials will continue to rise.

China 's Urbanization Level and Forecast in



(6) the progress of modified plastics and related technologies

     Nylon cable ties industry is a more mature market, the current number of domestic nylon cable ties production enterprises, but most of the nylon cable ties production enterprises generally smaller scale, production technology and production technology tradition, the efficiency is low. With the introduction and digestion, absorption, re-innovation, etc., with the nylon material to adapt to the development of independent innovation capacity, through the cultivation of independent brands, and continuously achieved independent research and development results and technical level, in the The international market has a place, part of the nylon cable tie technology to achieve the international advanced level. At the same time, with the nylon cable tie technology continues to improve the performance of modified nylon cable ties continue to improve, to meet more and more downstream industries in different areas, different needs, and in the existing downstream industry The application is more extensive, the market space is more extensive.