Ordinary flocking bed manufacturing process and production process

Steps for each process:

1, drawing process:

1.1 Tensile molding: alignment mark operations, pull the appropriate amount of material to prevent the pull too large or too small, to eliminate the dirty. Adhesive and other undesirable phenomena;

1.2 tear tape and stack: the tear tape to be placed neatly, too large or too small pull to be selected for another treatment, not mixed into the next process;

1.3 punching belt: alignment mark for the ribbon, to ensure that the cut with four corners of 90 degrees, to prevent the phenomenon of burr and jagged;

2, body pull with:

2.1 wear belt: check the mold board without barbs, fixed mold screws without loosening and other undesirable phenomena, to prevent the wear and tear when stripping when stripped or broken; to ensure that the wear and tear with the standard, to prevent the pull and bias phenomenon;

2.2 alignment mark to do the work, put an end to the mold down, dislocations, pull with pendulum, leakage pressure and other undesirable phenomena;

2.3 mold release method is correct;

2.4 welding effect of the standard, pay attention to the use of fine sandy sandpaper uniform sand flat, pull the mold after the mold can not light, to matte.

3, with pressure pressure mouth, transparent water bowl:

3.1 to align the mark to ensure that the mouth in the punching center;

3.2 Moderate power to ensure that there is enough power and no squeeze line phenomenon;

3.3 use the correct mold;

3.4 punching must be smooth without burrs.

4, encirclement:

4.1 to ensure that the length of the enclosure meet the standards;

4.2 cut knife mold on the cutting welding standards, no broken or not enough electricity phenomenon, the tear after the beautiful no barbs, tearing after the need to flatten, flat and flat with the same voltage can not be too low;

5, forming:

5.1 alignment marks to prevent the size of the tube;

5.2 to ensure that the height of the enclosure with the guests sign,

5.3 welding effect of the standard, die can not have crowded lines and bump phenomenon.

6. Scissors: cut edge beautiful, with the knife can not cut the mouth.