What material is safe

    Our pool with imported PVC no 6P environmentally friendly materials, Europe and the United States standard benzene, no phenol, no formaldehyde, unlimited materials, thickening material, swimming pool more lasting longer life, and the use of double button type air plug can be reduced Leakage, simple and fast, safe and reliable, is worth your new product.

    Will it leak?

    A long time will be a bit spilled, with the same balloon is a discouraging situation Oh, is a normal situation, about 1 ~ 2 or so pay attention to fill it. Products are manufactured after the first test factory qualified, quality assurance.

    What are the problems with inflatable mattresses?

    When you use the inflatable mattress, you need to know how to use it. Please refer to the product manual for specific use.

    What should I pay attention to when swimming pool is used and kept?

    All the plastic in the role of high temperature and light will be decomposed, resulting in product performance degradation (hardening, brittle), reduce product life. So the use of plastic products and preservation, to try to avoid direct sunlight and contact more than 80 ℃ high temperature.